And now Facebook is being used to assess “Conduct Code Violations,” by student protestors. Crimes of e-intention– the offense being that these students wished to live in a better world, attend a better school, and were willing to defy power to do so. In this case, locsl power was concerned with private and corporate donors and the personal pride of an already wealthy and prominent UO president. I do not regret at all my decision to tell him last year, in a small and uncomfortable meeting at Johnson Hall last year, that I believed his leadership was an utter failure; that his outright disrespect of teaching faculty, and the savage cuts he’d made to their ranks, was not necessity but strategy, and disserved the institution’s educational mission; that his actions generally showed no concern for either students, or concerns of equity; and that his rhetoric was both poor, and engaged in clear manipulation, designed to give the impression of process in a centralized system in which decisions are clearly made before public consideration begins. Well, my opinion of him has fallen dramatically since then. Evidently I should not state as much on Facebook.

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