“The largest fissures between Americans living in large cities and those in less-dense areas are rooted in misgivings about the country’s changing demographics and resentment about perceived biases in federal assistance, according to the poll. Rural residents are nearly three times as likely (42 percent) as people in cities (16 percent) to say that immigrants are a burden on the country.”

Of course the ‘economic message’ was not the tipping point; race and rhetoric was. Which is not a surprise…in rural communities, difference, and hearsay, and propaganda, and in rural America, whiteness– which means only in this context, a lack of meaningful interaction with others– leads easily to certain conclusions, prejudices, and politics. And an orange absurdity who NYC likes to liken to Caesar (though I suspect, despite his Falstaffian appearance and self-interest, Trump will be more long late unending Lear monologue than anything– oh me, oh woe, oh me lost in the towers of my great greatness and folly).

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